Akiram Therapeutics’ pioneering cancer research backed by SEK 6 million from the Erling-Persson Foundation

Akiram Therapeutics, a Swedish biotech company specializing in targeted radiotherapy, is pleased to announce that the company’s founder, Professor Marika Nestor and her research group at Uppsala University have been granted SEK 6 million by the Erling-Persson Foundation. This funding will advance a groundbreaking research project aimed at developing novel radiopharmaceuticals for the treatment of aggressive cancers and bolster Akiram’s upcoming Phase I first-in-human human study scheduled for 2024.

Akiram Therapeutics’ pioneering cancer research backed by SEK 6 million from the Erling-Persson Foundation

Akiram Therapeutics has developed a novel targeted radioimmunotherapy called 177Lu-AKIR001. This antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) radiopharmaceutical is designed to target cancer cells with therapeutic radiation while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. The therapy holds the potential to become a first-in-class treatment in multiple cancer types, including advanced thyroid cancer, head and neck tumors, and lung cancer.

The drug candidate has successfully passed safety and efficacy evaluations in preclinical studies, and the team is now preparing for a phase I first-in-human study, planned to start in 2024.

The grant from the Erling-Persson Foundation, to be disbursed over three years, provides valuable support and resources to make the research program and the clinical trial more robust and efficient. It will also facilitate the optimization of treatment strategies and extend the reach to more cancer types.

Professor Marika Nestor spearheads the initiative, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts in nuclear medicine, medical physics, oncology, radio-pharmacy, and translational development. A portion of the grant will also support expanding the research team with new positions to augment the expertise for the first phase 1 study.

“The grant is a testament to our commitment to pioneering cancer treatments. This generous support from the Erling-Persson Foundation allows us to advance our mission, offering hope and potential solutions to individuals suffering from incurable cancers,” says Marika Nestor, CEO and co-founder of Akiram Therapeutics.

The Erling-Persson Foundation was formed in memory of the H&M Group’s founder, Erling Persson. By supporting interdisciplinary initiatives and projects that link together different sectors of society, the foundation aims to stimulate innovation and social benefit.

For more information, please contact:
Marika Nestor, CEO
Email: marika.nestor@akiramtherapeutics.com
Phone: +46 702 34 18 81

About Akiram Therapeutics
Akiram Therapeutics is a Swedish biotech company focused on the development of targeted radioimmunotherapy for cancer, which is based on a proprietary antibody targeting the cancer marker CD44v6 combined with a radiation component. The therapy has generated strong preclinical results in cancer models in conditions that currently lack effective treatments. With the potential for its drug candidate to be classified as an orphan drug and recognized as first-in-class, the company is dedicated to advancing research in this field, including indications in head and neck cancer, AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), lung cancer, and aggressive thyroid cancer. Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Akiram Therapeutics is staffed with experts in radiation science research, cancer precision medicine, and drug development. To learn more, please visit Akiram’s website and follow Akiram on LinkedIn.